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Lindas's Educational Videos

How to Hand Wash Your Bras

Kim from Linda's is here to show you why hand washing your bras is the best way to clean and care for them. Hand washing helps bras last longer, which helps keep you looking fabulous longer! And, it's economical, and pretty easy. Get the tips on what soap, container, and drying method to use. Kim even includes advice on how to catch drips, and how often you should wash bras! This is the first in a new series of Braducational Videos with Kim Caldwell from Linda the Bra Lady. Kim is an expert bra fitter and a Linda's "Bra Diva".

How to Measure Yourself for a Bra

An in-person bra fitting with a certified expert is ideal, but if you can't make it in to the shop, here are some basic steps to find a starting point for your bra size at home! Kim Caldwell of Linda's guides you through a simple method for measuring yourself and calculating your bra size. It's a great place to start when online shopping or shopping for bras on your own. Don't be surprised if you've been wearing the wrong bra size!

How to Put on your Bras

Did you know that putting on your bra properly helps them last longer? Not to mention, it will help you feel more comfortable and fabulous! Many women have learned to put on their bras using a method that will dent cups, stretch out the back or straps, or ruin underwires. Kim Caldwell from Linda the Bra Lady teaches you two tried and true methods for putting on your bra! Learn the best ways to do it, and what methods to avoid.

Signs that Your Bra Fits

Learn how to tell if your bra fits properly! Certified fitters at Linda's, like Kim Caldwell, train for months to help women find the perfect bra. And while their expertise can't be copied, Kim shares a few of the basics that you can check at home. Learn how to tell which part of your bra does the "heavy lifting", where you should start with the hooks, how your straps should fit, and more!

How To Spot a Dead Bra

Did you know that bras have a lifetime? That's right! They don't last forever. Kim Caldwell from Linda the Bra Lady shows you the red flags to look for and how to spot a dead bra! If your bra is in good shape, but just the wrong size - donate it. But if it is truly worn out or broken - it's time to toss it. Remember, bras have a job to do (to keep you lifted and perky!) and if it's dead, it can't do it's job. Are your bras suffering from one of these 8 red flags?

How to Store Bras at Home & On the Go

The best tips on storing your bras at home the right way! Plus, great advice on storing your bras in your luggage when traveling including how to prevent dents in molded cups, using a travel case, and more! Kim Caldwell of Linda's and Linda's Online teaches you how to store your bras at home and on-the-go!

Uneven Breasts

breasts are never perfectly symmetrical! Having uneven breasts is very common, and this video from Linda the Bra Lady will help you identify your larger breast, teaches you how to fit to it, and advises you on how to even out breast volume. From a slight difference, to full size differences, Linda's Bra Diva, Kim Caldwell, is here to help you! These bra fitting tips will help you look fabulous in no time!

Pregnancy & Nursing Bra Tips

Finding the right bras to wear during your pregnancy or while nursing is very important! Kim Caldwell of Linda's guides you through the process of buying maternity and nursing bras, advises which styles to try, stresses the importance of wearing the right size, and offers great tips for when to buy! Feel fabulous and look fantastic throughout your pregnancy - and beyond!

Digging or Falling Straps

A well fitting bra includes bra straps that feel great and stay in place! In this helpful video, Kim Caldwell from Linda the Bra Lady, guides you through the common causes and fixes for falling or digging bra straps. Learn the real reason the bra straps fall or dig in, and how you can solve them (and look & feel fabulous in the meantime!). Don't let falling bra straps ruin your day, or digging bra straps interfere with your plans. Rid your shoulders from pain and discomfort and feel fabulous again!

Desire for Smaller Breasts

we help women of all cup sizes, including up to an N cup! For those with a full bust, sometimes, you don't want your chest to be the center of attention. Don't worry -- we've got a few ways to make your chest appear smaller without resorting to surgery. Tips include which kind of bra to wear with button downs and turtlenecks, minimizer bras, full coverage styles, and sassy, colorful bras for full busts!

Desire for Bigger Breasts

you just want a little extra boost to maximize what you've got. We all remember the teenage trick of "stuffing your bra!" right? If you would like to make your breasts look bigger, here are a few more sophisticated lingerie solutions. Tips include push up bras, removable padding, different kinds of inserts, swimwear options, how to get the maximum effect from your padded bras, and more! Whether you prefer to wear padding every day

Quad Boob

People say two heads are better than one...but believe me, four boobs are NOT better than two! "Quad boob" is our term for a bump that spills out from the top or side of your bra. This embarrassing effect can even show under your shirts. Here are our expert tips on how to go from 4 to 2! Tips include proper bra sizing, the best bras for avoiding spillage, and how to adjust your bra.

Bra Size Basics

We all recognize a bra size when we see it. But do you know what these numbers and letters actually mean? You'd be surprised how many women don't know the basics of bra fitting -- and you may even be one of them! In this video, Kim Caldwell of Linda's Bra Salons, shares the basics of bra sizes. Knowing these basics can you help you understand why a 34C and 32D are actually the same cup size, and why a 38D is smaller than a 40D. It can get confusing, and that's why we're here to help you navigate the world of bras and choose the perfect size and style, just for you. Kim will teach you how to buy bras that make you look and feel great and not to worry about the size on the tag. At Linda's, size doesn't matter. It's the fit that's most important.