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How to put on Bra

Step One

Hold your bra in front of you, lean forwards so that your breasts drop into the cups, fasten the underband around your body on to the loosest hook and eye.

Top Tip

If you have difficulty reaching the back then it's okay to fasten the bra at the front and then turn it around, but take care not to damage the wires as you move the bra around.

Step Two

Hold the base of the underwire and scoop your breasts fully into the cups.

Top Tip

Your nipples should be in line with the seam of the cups.

Step Three

Lean forward, hold the wires under the breasts and jiggle the bra. Your breasts will fall into the cup and sit higher when you stand up straight.

Top Tip

To check if the bra is fitting correctly press the wires. They should be sitting on the ribcage and not the breast tissue.

Step Four

Adjust the straps. Remember that it's the bra band that provides most of a bra's support, not the straps, so they must feel firm but comfortable.

Top Tip

You will only need to complete this step when you put on a new bra for the first time.

The most common mistake made when putting on a bra is not scooping the bust into the correct position. Holding the side of the wire and scooping the breast tissue forward and upwards will quickly highlight any fitting improvements that could be made.